January 13, 2023

So let’s talk about Lützerath. The Wikipedia Article is a good primer as it is short and to the point. Lützerath is emotional because the Greens, long in the opposition and strongly advocating for keeping the village, is now ruling the country and has inherited the mess from their preceding government. They claim that the coal below Lützerath is needed short term (which is disputed (🇩🇪)), and they say they have saved 5 other villages in return, which, as opposed to Lützerath, are still inhabited. People dispute that these villages would have actually been in danger as well, though. (🇩🇪)

Meanwhile, offices from the Greens are being attacked by disappointed voters and activits.

The whole thing turns downright dystopian when you look at the images of the machinery and riot cops, when you learn that RWE, the company which does the mining, is happily providing vans to transport off prisoners - and bills the police for it (🇩🇪) and, of course, when you learn that the security personnel by RWE, untrained in actual policing, stands shoulder to shoulder with the police. (🇩🇪)

Meanwhile, when you hear to people responsible, you could get the impression that really no one wants Lützerath to go, yet all their hands are tied and they are bound to move on. This reminds be about the horror film Cube, where the torture machine serves no purpose at all, people have forgotten its purpose and it has only been activated to put it into use.